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ThemeBoard Tamperproof Noticeboards

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Our Price:
£107.50 ex.VAT
£129.00 inc.VAT

These ThemeBoard Tamperproof Noticeboards are a brilliant way to display information with a specific theme. Easily display the theme, name or subject at the top of the board. Range of colours and sizes available.

ThemeBoard Tamperproof Noticeboards

These ThemeBoard Tamperproof Noticeboards are ideal for displaying information surrounding a particular theme, subject or company. With the drywipe surface header on this noticeboard you can easily display a company name, theme, subject, day of the week, month, club name, department name and much more using a dry wipe pen or applying lettering. Unlike other themeboards that we offer, this one is popular due to the lockable door feature. Each door has 2 matching locks with keys supplied to prevent your information, literature and prints secure and stop them from being interfered with, making them ideal for public buildings and spaces. These themeboards come in a range of colours, and you can choose between having a velcro and pin friendly felt cloth surface or having a natural cork surface. Furthermore, there is a range of 5 sizes to chooe from, allowing you to pick a size and colour to suit you and your location. Depending on the size, these boards come in one and two door versions for ease of handling. The single door versions can be mounted either landscape or portrait to suit you. These boards prove popular with schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs, offices, libraries, community halls, churches, leisure centers, waiting rooms, NHS, show rooms and many more. 


Features and benefits of the ThemeBoard Tamperproof Noticeboards

  • Lockable doors 
  • 2 matching locks per door 
  • Your literature, prints and information can be protected easily 
  • 200mm deep dry wipe surface header 
  • Can use a dry wipe pen or apply lettering to display your theme, subject, day, month, department name, club name, business name and more 
  • Full length glazing bars
  • Quality hinges
  • 5 different sizes to choose from
  • Single and double door version depending on the size of the board
  • Single door versions can be mounted landscape or portrait 
  • Supplied with fixings
  • Can choose between felt cloth surface which is velcro and pin friendly or a natural cork pinable surface
  • Felt cloth surfaces come in 5 different colours
  • Made in the UK 
ThemeBoard Tamperproof Noticeboard Information
Code Size (h x w) (mm) Price No. of Doors Approx. Delivery Time
TPH9060 900 x 600 £107.50 1 10-15 working days
TPH1290 1200 x 900 £139.07 1 10-15 working days
TPH1212 1200 x 1200 £158.36 1 10-15 working days
TPH1812 1200 x 1800 £231.71 2 10-15 working days
TPH2412 1200 x 2400 £271.00 2 10-15 working days

All prices are excluding VAT and carriage. All lead time are approximate.


ThemeBoard Tamperproof Noticeboard Colour/Surface Options


ThemeBoard Tamperproof Noticeboard Size Guide


Delivery information for the ThemeBoard Tamperproof Noticeboard 

The delivery of the ThemeBoard Tamperproof Noticeboards can take between 10 and 15 working days. However, if you require your product more urgently then please contact us by calling us on 01202480104 or email us at


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