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Revolving Magnet Floor Stand


Our Price:
£118.00 ex.VAT
£141.60 inc.VAT

This Revolving Magnet Floor Stand is our largest magnet display unit, allowing you to display a large number of magnets in a great compact floor stand. Popular with gift shops, card shops, stationary shops and more.

Revolving Magnet Floor Stand

This Revolving Magnet Floor Stand is a great option for those wanting to display a large number of magnets without using up a lot of space. This floor stand neatly rotates on a sturdy and stable metal base, allowing your customers to gain a complete view and completely access your magnets on all three sides of the stand. The ensured stability of this product makes it ideal for busy environments. This stand is portable, with 5 castor feet which allow you to easily move the stand about, perfect for those having to regularly move their displays. This floor stand is made from sheet steel which is finished with powder coating in either platinum or matt black, complimenting any colours or products that surround it. The magnet stick strongly to the powder coating, ensuring that your magnets won't fall off and can with stand busy environments and being bumped into. This floor stand is particularly popular with market traders, gift shops, card shops, craft fairs, stationary shops, newsagents, supermarkets, tourist information centers and many more.

Features and benefits

  • 3 sided
  • Made from sheet steel
  • Uses powder coating available in platinum or matt black
  • Rotates smoothly on metal base
  • Easy to move and merchandise 
  • 5 castor feet
  • Magnet stick strongly to powder coating
  • Overall dimensions are 1680mm (h) x 298mm (w) 
  • Display area is 1210mm (h) x 298mm (w) per side
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Made in the UK 

Delivery information for the Revolving Magnet Floor Stand

The delivery of the Revolving Magnet Floor Stand can take between 5 and 7 working days. However, if you require your product more urgently then please contact us by calling us on 01202480104 or email us at

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