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Vuplex Acrylic Cleaner and Polish

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Vuplex Plastic Protection Spray. Plastic cleaner and anti static polish. 60ml (50g) spray can. Probably the best acrylic protection/plastic cleaner on the market

Vuplex Plastic Cleaner and Anti Static Polish

Feature and Benefits:

  • 60ml can (50g)
  • Vuplex - first developed for use in the aviation industry. Its the most simple and effective product to clean polish and remove static on clear and coloured plastics. Its ability to clean the surface safely while polishing in an action that takes only seconds is unique. Vuplex seals the porous surface of the plastic extending the life span with a micro layer of protection. Vuplex makes fine scratches less visible, leaving a surface with a crystal gloss all in one easy step, making Vuplex easier and clearly the most effective solution for plastic surfaces. 
  • Applications - Aircrafts, boats, motorcycles, cars, carvans, golf buggies, displays, aquariums, helmets, goggles, dvd's, cd's and anything that has plastic surfaces. Vuplex cleans and protects all kinds of clear and coloured plastic, perspex, lucite, plexiglas, Lexan, Acrylite, polypropylene, vinyl windows, polycarbonate, acrylics and window tint films, including painted surfaces, polished metals. 
  • Important; before using test a small inconspicuous area for suitability. For further information visit
  • In stock and available for immediate despatch.

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