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Perspex & Acrylic Blocks - 50mm Retail Riser

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50mm Thick Optically clear Perspex & Acrylic Block. Highly polished acrylic block is perfect for catering and retail displays. Particularly useful in retail and shop window displays where the light can pass through and over you products.

Perspex & Acrylic 50mm Block

This 50mm perspex and acrylic block is superb for retail displays, etc. Polished Acrylic Blocks can be used as individual product risers in jewellery shops, perfumeries, beauty salons,  and retail shop window displays. For that added extra style, acrylic blocks and slabs can be reverse printed with your company logo or photo quality image. The latter really supports that high end brand exceptionally well. The graphics/brand logo appear to float in the acrylic and give a 3D impression. Light refraction on the highly polished edges adds to the lustre of the award trophy or retail display.

Features and Benefits;

  • Supplied in Perspex or Altuglass - both Premium acrylic manufacturers.
  • Size for sale on this web page is 50mm x 50mm x 50mm cube. We can supply in other solid slab thicknesses: 25mm is also very popular as a retail slab.
  • Highly polished on all faces and edges to give a perfect slab or cube of acrylic.
  • Optically clear - better than glass - almost mesmerising as an award trophy / certificate award.
  • As a retail window display product Perspex Blocks allow natural light to travel through and around your products to show them in their full glory. Add small overhead retail spotlights to the display and the risers will add unrivalled sparkle and high end image. Add some of our acrylic retail mirrors to the rear of the display to complete the illusion of depth of display and range. 
  • Easily moveable as retail displays change and are guaranteed to last for a minimum of 10 years. A small investment for such longevity.
  • Can be used as plain block or slab or reverse graphic mounted for branding and photo quality imagery. Our price detailed is for clear block: if you would like a price for rear graphics/logo's please contact us. We have a minimum order requirement of 10 blocks if you would like them with own logo or reverse printed.
  • Available in a whole range of sizes from 50mm cubed to 'photo print sizes', DL (1/3rd A4), A5, A4,  We can cut to size for your own specific sizes if required
  • Display UK can CNC route or laser cut to your own specific shapes in Perspex Acrylic block. From a Love Heart for a retail contract through to shaped logo award designs we have done it and can do it.
  • If you require any logos or artwork printed onto this Perspex acrylic slab, please contact us to discuss designs and prices and upload your artwork using the red artwork upload button at the top right hand side of the page. 

Please note that the photo detailed is of 25mm acrylic slab and is for illustrative purposes only.

Delivery information for the Perspex Acrylic Blocks

The delivery of these Perspex Acrylic Blocks can take between 1 and 3 working days. However, if you require your product sooner then please contact us by calling on 01202480104 or email us at


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