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Dry/Wetwipe Glass And Blackboard Pens


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Dry/Wetwipe Glass And Blackboard Pens. From £17.89. Dry wipes from glass or wet wipe from chalk boards. Pack of 3 white pens available. Pack of 5 assorted pens- Red, Yellow, Pink, Green and Orange. Allow to fully dry before erasing. Metroplan.

Dry/Wetwipe Glass And Blackboard Pens


These pens drywipe from glassboards and wetwipe from chalkboards. They come in two pack sets. A pack of three white pens. A pack of five coloured pens. The colours are: Red, Yellow, Pink, Green and Orange. 


Features and benefits of Dry/Wetwipe Glass And Blackboard Pens:

  • Dry/Wetwipe Glass And Blackboard Pens have a 9mm chisel tip
  • Two pack versions available, a pack of three white pens or a pack of five assorted colour pens
  • Dry wipes from glassboards
  • Wet wipes from chalkboards/blackboards
  • For our full range of Whiteboards and Accessories click here.


Delivery of Dry/Wetwipe Glass And Blackboard Pens

Please allow up to 3-5 working days for delivery of Dry/Wetwipe Glass And Blackboard Pens.




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