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Cut-To-Size Perspex & Plastics

Cut to Size Perspex & Flat Sheet Materials

Displays UK are a leading flat sheet stockists to the sign, graphic and construction industry on the south coast. Located in Christchurch, Dorset, we are well placed on the hampshire/dorset border to provide daily deliveries to the local area. We also supply to most towns and cities in the UK including Birmingham, Bristol, Greater London, Manchester via TNT overnight courier service. We supply both trade and DIY. No matter how big or small your requirement, please call us to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote. If you require more than just a square or rectangle shape, we also provide a full CNC routing and laser cutting service.

Coloured Perspex Acrylic held in stock at Displays UK Christchurch

We supply sheets and cut to size panels on:

Perspex clear acrylic

Displays UK offer Perspex and Altuglas clear acrylic in both full sheet forms and as a cut to size service. Both Perspex and Altuglas clear acrylic is a premium grade acrylic made from pure monomer (not cheaper recycled acrylic). As such both really are premium materials for fabrication. Premium clear acrylic has excellent light transmission - at 92% transmission rates, its actually clearer than glass. It has no colour bias - great for top end art galleries/exhibitions, museums displays, engineering projects, Point of Purchase Displays (POP/POS)Signage, acrylic furniture, model and display cases etc. Our Premium range of acrylics come with a full 10 year warranty. Even after 10 years of full on outdoor light and UV exposure, our premium acrylics will still transmit 85% of light. We have invested heavily in the very latest diamond polishing equipment. Premium acrylic can be edge polished to give full 92% light transmission like no other clear material. There really is nothing like the sparkly light refraction that can be achieved with a highly polished and buffed piece of premium acrylic from Displays UK. Premium Acrylic has 5x the impact strength of glass.

Whilst we sell Premium acrylic for a point of sale fabrication, engineering projects, acrylic art etc, we also recognise the need for cheaper, less expensive versions to be available for simpler low cost projects, ie replacement shed windows, temporary glazing, secondary double glazing etc. We offer our own DUK brand - very competitively priced acrylic sheet and cut to size service. Please contact us for quotes on custom sizes, our pre-cut perspex and acrylic panels, or help and advice.

Perspex Clear Acylic and Altuglass Acrylic are available in thicknesses of 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm. 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm 20mm and 25mm. Sheet sizes depend on thicknesses of material required.

Clear Acrylic is available from Displays UK as full sheets or smaller cut to size panels.

Perspex Blocks - Clear Acrylic

Perspex Clear Acrylic is available as blocks - often just known as Perspex Blocks or 'Perspex Tombstones'. Perspex blocks are thick blocks of premium monomer acrylic, usually with a highly polished edge (diamond polished edge), and buffed to sparkle. Photo quality graphics are usually reverse mounted to the back of the block. Because of their fabulous transparent qualities, and high end feel they are great for awards trophies, retail brand displays etc. Please see our ecommerce section of the website for full details. Extensively used by perfume companies and fashion brands for their retail displays. Perspex Block is available in thicknesses of 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, and 60mm. Displays UK hold 25mm in stock as this is the most popular size. All other block thicknesses are by special order - usually just a few days for delivery.

Perspex Glass Look Acrylic

Glass Look acrylic is fantastic at replicating the green tint of real glass but at half the weight and 5 times it impact strength - aesthetics without the associated danger of breakages associated with normal glass. It is perfect for Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Purchase (POP) displays. It can be edge polished to give a brilliant green transparent finish.

Displays UK sell complete sheets of Glass Look acrylic (often called Silica). We can provide a cut to size service for you too.

Glass Look Acrylic is available is thicknesses of 3mm, 4mm,5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm 20mm, and 25mm.

Perspex Coloured Acrylic

Perspex and Altuglas coloured acrylic is available in three broad ranges. Solid or Opaque, Translucent, and Transparent. Solid and Opaque colours will not allow the passage of light. Transparent colours allow undistorted light to pass through with the view of the object behind clearly disguisable. Translucent colours, are partially transparent, permitting the light passage of light but without enabling us to see the colour of the objects behind.

Perspex and Altuglass coloured acrylic is available in whole range of sizes and thicknesses - too much to list on a webs page. Displays UK have for sale full sheets, half sheets, and can provide a cut to size service on the sale of the said coloured perpsex/altuglass sheet sizes.

Solid/Opaque and Translucent Colours available include ivory ( Code 133), Cream(Code 128), Yellow(Codes 229, 250, 260, 261, 2252), Orange(Codes 324,363), Red ( Codes 431, 433, 440, 4403, 4415, 4494, 4T12, 4T17, 4T26, 4238), Brown (Code 543), Green(Codes 650, 692, 6205, 6643), Blue(Codes 727, 743, 744, 750, 751, 7033, 7748), Violet (Code 886), Grey (Code 9981), Black ( Codes 9T30,962,9961)

Transparent Colours available include Yellow(Code 2202), Amber(Code 300), red (Code 4401), Brown (Code 504), Green (code 6T08, 6600), Blue(Codes 7T22, 7T74, 7703, 7704), Purple (Code 8T01), Neutral(Codes 901, 914, 923, 9T01, 9T03, 9T04, 9T13, 9T20, 9T21).

Perspex Coloured Acrylic is generally available in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses. Solid black Perspex is also available in 15mm and 20mm thicknesses. Transparent Greens, Blues, Purple and Neutral are availabe in additional thicknesses - Please contact us for full details. Displays UK (Christchurch) have full sheets and half sheets for sale (when available) and provide a cut to size service from these sheets. 

Please click here to view a Perspex Acrylic Colour Chart.  

Perspex Silk acrylic

Perspex Silk Acrylic is a stylish sheet material with a matt texture on one side only. Perspex Silk is used primarily as an anti glare material (poster frames, shopfitting designs ect) or where the material is likely to be handled or touched constantly (perhaps a retail environment). The matt texture disguises finger marks. Available as Clear (Code SK000) and Opal (Codes SK040, SK050, SK069, SK 6T21, SK9T30). 

Perspex Frost acrylic

Perspex Frost is a beautiful double sided matt surfaced sheet of premium acrylic. Frost gives a decorative surface similar to that of a sandblast finish. Frost is available in subtle shades of clear and opal, through to fresh pastel tones, through to deep warm reds, greens, blues etc. Perspex Frost is particularly favoured by leading interior designers and architects for shopfitting, municipal buildings, shopping malls, showrooms etc.

Perspex Frost is available in the following colours: Crystal (Code S2 000), Polar White (Code S2 030), Opal (Code S2 069), Citrus Yellow (Code S2 2T07), Lemon Sorbet (Code S2 2T30), Mandarin Orange (Code S2 3T17), Blush Pink (Code S2 4T46), Chilli Red (Code S24T50), Glacier Green (Code S2 6T21), Emerald Green (S2 6T59), Sapphire Blue (code S2 7T28) Aurora Violet (Code S2 7T58), Electric Blue (Code S2 7T69) and Arctic Blue (Code S2 7T77) 

Perspex Frost acrylic is available in 3mm thickness and 5mm thickness in all colours, with Crystal, Polar White and Glacier Green additionally available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 15mm thicknesses. Sorbet and Blush Pink are additionally available in 10mm thickness. Electric Blue and Arctic Blue are additionally available in 10mm thickness material.

Displays UK provide a full sheet and half sheet min order. We can cut sheets to customer's custom sizes upon request. Please contact us for further details. 

Perspex Opal acrylic

Perspex Opal comes in a broad range of white shades. Perspex Opal is great for upmarket interior signs, Perspex Poster Frames, Perspex Poster holders, Perspex Picture Frames, Perspex Furniture, and widely used as a  lightbox lighting diffuser.

Perspex Opal white shade codes are 028, 030, 040, 050, 069, 1T04, and 1212. Please contact us for thickness availability across the shade range.

Perspex Opal LED

Perspex Opal LED is a special mix to enhance the appearance given by LED (Light Emitting Diode) signage. Demand for LED illumination over traditional incandescent & fluorescent illumination,  is fast growing in the UK as Europe continues its drive for lower carbon emissions. Perspex Opal LED is an optimised blend to match and better transmit the wavelength that LED illumination creates. It has alight transmission of approximately 59%. Sheet Code is 1TL2 and is available in 3mm and 5mm sheet thicknesses. Displays UK do not currently stock Perspex Opal LED but we can normally obtain stock within a few days. 

Perspex Fluorescent & AR

Striking Displays. One of my favourites in the use of Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Purchase (POP) acrylic fabrication and displays. Nothing creates more impression in bright displays than the edge illumination of Perspex Fluorescent sheet. Perspex Fluorescent provides a bright, vivid glow under ambient light - its as if it has its own light source. Perspex Fluorescent is available in the following colours: Celestial Blue (Code 021), Helios Yellow (Code 2T51), Lava Orange (Code 3T19), Mars Red (Code 4T56), Acid Green (Code 6T66), Neptune Blue (Code 7T97). Sheet thicknesses of 3mm and 5mm are available, 10mm additionally available in Neptune Blue.

Perspex Fluorescent AR (Anti-Reflective) provides the same range of colours as normal fluorescent. It has a matt finish on both sides to provide a non reflective finish. Perspex Fluorescent Anti-Reflective is available in the following colours: Helios Yellos (code 2T61), Lava Orange (code 3T29), Mars Red (code 4T66), Acid Green (code 6T86), Neptune Blue (code 7T9C). Perspex Fluorescent AR comes in 3mm thick sheet thickness.

Displays UK have for sale full sheets and half sheets of Perspex Fluorescent acrylic. We provide a cut to size service on these sheets. 

Perspex Vario

Perspex Vario is designed with all the benefits of Perspex Fluorescent edge lit acrylic but in more subtle tones. The colour on the edge of the sheet is more vivid than the colour on the mass of the acrylic sheet and fluoresces in both ambient and UV light. Perspex Vario sheet colour also appears to change as you reposition yourself at different angles around the sheet. Perspex Vario is available in the following colours ; Tropical Yellow (code 2T45), Caribbean Peach (code 3T31), Honolulu Pink (code 4T87), Lagoon Green (code 6T95), Cascade Blue (code 7T5D), Passion Flower Violet (code (8T10). Perspex Vario is available in sheet thicknesses of 3mm and 5mm. Displays UK offer a full sheet and half sheet sale and provide a cut to size service from those sheets.

Perspex Pearlescent

Perspex Pearlescent acrylic is, as its name suggests, a decorative acrylic sheet designed to give that natural pearlescent effect. It is a single sided product. Available in a range of 5 colours: Pearl (code 1PY1), Candy (code 4PY5), Caramel Gold (code 5PY0), Azure (code 7PY3), Platinum (code 9PY2). Sheet thicknesses are 3mm and 5mm. Seeing is believing with Pearlescent - truly beautiful. Displays UK offer for sale full sheets and half sheets of Perspex Pearlescent and provide a cut to size service from those sheets. 

Perspex Sparkle

Perspex sparkle is a decorative acrylic sheet in which the background colour is enhanced by thousands of glitter particles to create that 'shimmer' look. As seen on TV's 60-minute makeover. Colours available are: Scintillating Red (code 4SP0), Flamboyant Brown (5SP0), Entrancing Green (6SP0), Glittering Blue (7SP0), Gleaming Violet (code 8SP0) and Shimmering Black (code 9SP0). Available in sheet thickness of 5mm. Displays UK provide full sheets and half sheets of Perpsex Sparkle, and can cut to size from those sheets. 

Perspex VE/VA Museum Grade

Perspex VA is an acrylic sheet that is widely used in specialist glazing and display cases. It is a colourless sheet with Integral UV protection. (code VE003). it is only available as special order from Perspex.

Perspex VE is a specialist acrylic sheet with UV inhibitors that block out 99.99% of UV rays. It is widely used in Museum cases and exhibits where UV rays would harm timeless objects. Perspex VE has a slight yellow hue to it - largely due to the UV inhibitors. (code VA004). Perspex VE is available in sheet thicknesses of 3mm, 4mm and 5mm. Displays UK supply full sheet and half sheets of Perpsex VE and can cut to size perspex panels from that sheet. Special Order.

We are also main local stockists for:

  • Altuglas
  • Tinted acrylic for boat windows
  • Foamex and Foamex Ultra
  • Marlon Polycarbonate
  • Makrolon Polycarbonate
  • Prismatic
  • Dibondand Alibond Mirror
  • Acrylic Mirror Sheets. Perfect for Stable Mirrors, Arena Mirrors, Garden Mirrors, Training Mirrors and Safety Mirrors.

As an independent stockist, we have access to many manufacturers sheet, rod, and tube plastic products. If the semi rigid plastic sheet or product that you need is not listed in the names above, please give us a call.