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Self Build DIY Exhibition Stands

Displays UK Manufacture Self Build DIY Exhibition Stands

Self Build Exhibition Stands

Exhibitions & Trade Shows are the perfect environment for experiential marketing. In our modern world of rapid communication and hectic daily work schedules it’s difficult to get that quality 2 way dialogue with your customers. An exhibition or trade show allows you the time to show your customers new products  / services and receive that valuable feedback. I’ve always found that pre event invitations to be highly prized by customers . However, exhibitions & trade shows can be expensive for a small to medium sized business. I’ve seen large companies spend in excess of £250,000 on a single 3 day event – vast sums of money for a small business to find. So, how does  a small business with a limited cash resource compete against these commercial giants? Its  quite simple, by not using an exhibition contractor, and buying self build exhibition stands from Displays UK.

Displays UK are experts in DIY or self build exhibition stands . Many contractors are excellent in the services that they provide but they too have overheads, wages, vehicles etc that all have to be paid for in your exhibition budget. By using self build exhibition stands, all those costs are removed. Yes, it will take some time to organise the type of stand that you are going to use, artwork, choosing the right communications for your event etc, but by investing a little time, the cost savings can be enormous. One of our new clients saved himself approx. £20,000 by using a relatively small self build exhibition stand at a UK trade show.

Self Build / DIY exhibition stands can come in many different forms: from small outdoor stands through to shell scheme stands, through to larger space only stands, to complete roadshows on exhibition trailers. Displays UK specialise in shell scheme and space only self build, portable display stands. Displays UK have a combined knowledge of over 100 years of visual presentation experience. With your industry experience and our portable exhibition stand experience, we have a formidable partnership.

Portable Display Stands include, Pop Up Display Stands, Pop Up Counters, single and double sided static banners, single and double sided roller banner stands, water filled banner stands, outdoor banner frames, modular aluminium frame systems, panel and pole display board systems, portable brochure stands, in store promotion counters, registration desks, exhibition lighting etc. The list of products is vast. In this article i will illustrate the most popular systems but please call us if you need information on products that are not listed.

Pop Up Exhibition Display Stands

To see our range of pop up displays click here

Pop Ups, not to be confused with roller banner stands, are the single most popular DIY exhibition stand on the market today. Tensioned fabric systems are starting to compete against pop ups but are a more expensive option. Pop up’s provide the most cost effective self build exhibition kit. Pop ups come in many shapes and sizes – from small table top displays through to large linked systems. Choices include table top systems, straight frames, curved frames, pop up counters, shelving systems. The most frequently purchase pop up is the 3x3 curved pop up stand. A word of caution: 3x3 is often confused with being the size of the display in terms of meters (ie 3 meters x 3 meters) but in the exhibition world, it actually refers to the amount of quads that make up the sections of the hidden collapsible frame behind the graphic. So, a 3x4 is typically 3 quads high x 4 quads wide. Pop ups are great for providing a large inexpensive graphic back drop to the back of your exhibition stand. They are neatly bundled up in wheeled transit cases that houses the pop up frame, magnetic bars, lights and graphic panels. To view a typical 3x3 being erected, please click here.

The graphic panels that sit on a pop up frame are the all important part of your stand as its what the customer immediately sees and gauges his/her opinion on your company and brand. The best pop up graphics are those that have large uncluttered images or logo’s, with a single strapline – you generally only get a few seconds for your prospects to see who you are and what you do before they make the decision to stop and talk or move on to the next stand.

From a practical viewpoint all exhibition panels should have an anti scratch , anti reflective laminate applied to the front edge. When searching the internet you may find some companies that do not provide the anti scratch laminate saying that their UV cured inks do not need it! Its true, they do not necessarily need the laminate, but in my opinion the extra cost of say £30 on a system is well worth it. There’s no point in spending several hundred pounds on graphic s to find that some are scratched within a few minutes of opening your stand for the important event. 

Modern pop up display frames use powerful neodinium magnets to hold the frames upright and hold the graphics onto the frames. Magnetically fixed graphic panels allow pop up frames to be joined together to form endless shapes and sizes of self build exhibition stand.


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